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Related to that last boost: Cyan still exists, and is still making games. They just re-released the entire series to run on modern hardware, and their newest game, Obduction, was released a couple years ago and is still getting updates.

@ShadowDWolf Right, and following on the birdsite news there, unless someone has coded in a backdoor we haven't found yet, 'admins of the instance you're on' doesn't also cross with 'the developers of the software', thankfully.

Unless you're talking :p

Full Disclosure: Mastodon admins can see ALL TOOTS on their instances, including those set to 'followers only' and DMs.

So, I just logged into the birdsite's web interface and was greeted with this. It may be old news, since I prefer to use 3rd party clients over their website, but still....

@ConfusedImp And then there're the rules about reduplication vowel order, which are why you'll never hear someone say "tock-tick," "dong-ding," or "chat-chit." XD

Gaming, Nintendo Switch, Okami HD, No Spoilers 

I really need to work on crossposting my content from the Birdsite to here. Or, more to the point, I need to start posting more of my own content rather than reposting and/or bitching about politics.

The original asshole techbro Linus Torvalds (Creator of the Linux kernel and Git), has taken his first public steps toward fostering inclusivity and compassion.

2018 is turning out to be a WEIRD FUCKEN YEAR.

Erf. Part of me wishes I could find another profession, or at least get away from the retail aspect of opticianry.

Thinkin back to an earlier post i saw someone make. If big businesses do get into making fursuits. Please support your independant fursuit makers, theyll probably put a lot more time, care and passion into your fursuit than somewhere on the highstreet

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