Now that the schedule is available, here's the updated info for . Join us Saturday night for some really awesome Chinese food! Details here:


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Remember, you can't search by text on Mastodon, except in your own timeline. That's so harassers can't just find people to attack via a simple search.

Therefore it's important to use hashtags so people can find your stuff, assuming you want them to.

#Advice #HowMastodonWorks

Tumblrpocalypse, Apple being Apple 

Erf, I really need to start posting here more, or at least crossposting from the Birdsite.

The audio work on this really cracked me up!
RT |KILL WOLFY| A sheep dude brawls with a spooked herd of his own kind to protect his wolf boyfriend.
It's done! Enjoy and spread it the fuck around :D

This may come as a shock to some folks, but....

*leans in*

I'm gay.

Erf.... Kinda wish I had more to post here-- without waxing political, that is.

That said, you are going to vote next month, right? RIGHT?

*yaawwwwwnstretch* Merf.... Bedgravity is strong this morning....

Myst III: Exile, Spoilers 

As noted, this falls on Black Friday this year. I know I'll happily be celebrating #wolfenoot instead!
RT That moment when your 7 year old makes up a holiday, and people start wanting to actually celebrate it. <3


Sexual Assault, Politics 

so i've been doing a lot of self-reflecting and: if i ever harshed you about a harmless kink you have, that was shitty of me

Related to that last boost: Cyan still exists, and is still making games. They just re-released the entire series to run on modern hardware, and their newest game, Obduction, was released a couple years ago and is still getting updates.

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