Now that the schedule is available, here's the updated info for . Join us Saturday night for some really awesome Chinese food! Details here:


To be fair, I get why they didn't tell me; they didn't want to add to the hell Steele and I were already going through, and I appreciate that.  But still.... 

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TFW you find out in passing that your stepdad's prostate cancer is getting worse and spreading.  Oh, by the way, he has prostate cancer.  Oh, and he's had it for four years now.  That puts it starting about a year before I lost Steele to cancer.  Happy Fucking Holidays.

Remember, you can't search by text on Mastodon, except in your own timeline. That's so harassers can't just find people to attack via a simple search.

Therefore it's important to use hashtags so people can find your stuff, assuming you want them to.

#Advice #HowMastodonWorks

Tumblrpocalypse, Apple being Apple 

Hey remember when Steve Jobs said "folks who want porn can buy an Android phone?"

Erf, I really need to start posting here more, or at least crossposting from the Birdsite.

The audio work on this really cracked me up!
RT |KILL WOLFY| A sheep dude brawls with a spooked herd of his own kind to protect his wolf boyfriend.
It's done! Enjoy and spread it the fuck around :D

This may come as a shock to some folks, but....

*leans in*

I'm gay.

Erf.... Kinda wish I had more to post here-- without waxing political, that is.

That said, you are going to vote next month, right? RIGHT?

*yaawwwwwnstretch* Merf.... Bedgravity is strong this morning....

Myst III: Exile, Spoilers 

The roller-coaster ride at the end of Myst III's Amateria age is still an awesome concept today. You spend quite a while fixing and setting up this course, running giant marbles through to test it. At the end, Surprise! You're the marble!

As noted, this falls on Black Friday this year. I know I'll happily be celebrating #wolfenoot instead!
RT That moment when your 7 year old makes up a holiday, and people start wanting to actually celebrate it. <3


Sexual Assault, Politics 

This is the state of American politics. I am so embarrassed to be an American.

Related to that last boost: Cyan still exists, and is still making games. They just re-released the entire series to run on modern hardware, and their newest game, Obduction, was released a couple years ago and is still getting updates.

@ShadowDWolf Right, and following on the birdsite news there, unless someone has coded in a backdoor we haven't found yet, 'admins of the instance you're on' doesn't also cross with 'the developers of the software', thankfully.

Unless you're talking :p

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